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Buying Fabrics Online

Do you find shopping for fabrics online a little disconcerting?

The reason we thought this was an important topic to address is that, some of our customers would rather pick up the phone and place an order with us, as it's reassuring to hear a real person's voice on the other end and know that it is a legit company. Needless to say that shopping online can at times prove to be a challenge in itself, especially for the older generation that are just getting used to the concept. 
It is safe to say that shopping online does present its pros and cons, especially when some headlines and newsfeeds can deter customers. Majority of the time, the concern lays with the fact that the customer is anxious of not personally being able to feel or see the fabric prior to purchasing. This is why I have put a little guide in place for all those of you to shop fabrics with confidence. 
Online shopping is now quite the norm, with many businesses that have suffered with sustaining themselves through the covid pandemic. The switch has been inevitable and it is this shopping behaviour that has contributed towards the great impact on the trend of internet sales. 
Tips to bear in mind when shopping fabrics online;
1) When creating a customer account, create a strong password.
2) If purchasing gift cards, always buy from the official store rather than a third party.
3) Be mindful to know that many reputable retailers will do their best to capture the colour but variations may appear due to monitor settings and different lighting conditions. This is why most fabric retailers will offer a swatch service, we recommend this is used especially if you are colour specific or require to see the texture. This also avoids any issues if purchasing large quantities.
4) When viewing images online, I always find that if I look at it in different angles (swaying back and forth, left and right without falling off my chair!), it does help to get an idea of the colour tone.
5) Familiarise yourself with the different types of fabrics, there is so much choice and a vast range to choose from that it is very easy for one to get overwhelmed. 
6) Always check shipping & delivery costs and  returns guidelines. In my experience, the cost of shipping can determine how a customer will shop with us and having a returns process in place is encouraging.
7) Check how the material is sold, whether it is imperial or metric. Ensure your measurements are calculated accurately according to the width of the fabric and also take into consideration if there is a pattern repeat. Always refer to the sewing pattern guide.
8) Keep an eye out on blogs and updatesthat will help you get ideas and inspiration for your sewing projects. Sign up to newsletters   that will work to your advantage with discount codes and promotional offers.
9) Recommendation speaks a thousand words, so check with influencers, bloggers on social media platforms such as youtube, instagram, twitter,  pinterest and facebook, friends, family and colleagues. The social media platform is a giant referral service if the opportunity is taken to utilise it well.
10) Follow the company on social media, this may help assure you of its authenticity. If you are wary of a site, do your due diligence, check the delivery and returns process too.
11) Company reviews is an absolute must, this will give you a clear indication of the company's performance and values towards providing a happy shopping experience.
12) Do not hesitate to pick up the phone and contact the online shop for any queries, a concrete shop should have a phone number and contact address.
and finally...

Few Good Reasons Why you can shop with confidence at Cheapfabrics

  • We are a family-orientated business and we like to extend that gesture further to our customers, which is why we take pride in delivering top-end customer service. It is expected that shopping for fabrics online can be quite disconcerting, especially as many of you are in a habit to visit retail shops, to feel and see the fabrics in person. This is where we confidently step in, we totally understand that - which is why we offer a more personal shopping experience by being available to assist and chat (which we love to do!) and also offer a sample service for the majority of our products.
  • We have a dedicated customer phoneline for those that would rather talk to us first hand for any type of query.
  • We aim to make shopping with us easy and simple, but we know that you may have some queries so have a dedicated phoneline 0345 520 2525 or can be contacted by email
  • Unlike many other online retail stores, we do more than sell fabrics. We like to assist you and point you in the right direction by giving you helpful advice and handy tips. With new products hitting our site daily, we aim to stay ahead of our competition.